Product Examples


Type BA & BB

Type BA & BB consists of two concentric tubes with rubber in between. The bushes are designed to absorb radial, axial and torsional loads. The rubber absorbs loads and requires no lubrication or maintenance.


Type BD

Type BD is a conical semi-bonded bush designed to withstand exceptionally large axial and radial loads. In addition, it has been developed to allow conical and torsional movements. Type BD functions as a teeter bearing in large wind tubines.

pro_dh3 Type DH

Type DH is designed to handle high radial loads. It is usually employed in heavy machinery such as construction and agricultural machinery, as well as in couplings.
pro_dj4 Type DJ

Type DJ is a special vibration mount designed to absorb exceptionally large radial and axial loads. Developed for wind turbines and especially for wind turbines with integrated hub, gear and generator.

pro_fd5 Type FD

Type FD is a cylindrical rubber bump-stop damper mounted on a quadratic base plate. The damper is integrated in the same turbine as our BD teeter bearing.

pro_gg6 Type GG

Type GG is a mount designed for a wide range of applications. Vertical deflection is not affected by assembly. The mount is fully captive. Type GG is significantly more stiff radially than axially. This is ideal where a stable setup is required.

pro_gh7 Type GH

Type GH is designed to provide vertical deflection and good stability. Type GH benefits from a low installation height and is simple to assemble. The metal coating provides effective protection against oil and chemicals. The mount is fully captive. Can be supplied with or without height adjustable devices.

pro_sc8 Type SC

Type SC is a small cylindrical vibration damper consisting of two steel discs with rubber vulcanized in between. The damper can absorb both compressive and shear loads. Type SC is recommended for stationary installations where easy installation is essential. Applications in fans, electric motors, pumps, compressors, etc.